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Nostalgic Mother's Day Glass Cabochon Charms

Nostalgic Mother's Day Glass Cabochon Charms

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Celebrate the cherished bond between mother and child with our nostalgic-style picture charms for Mother's Day.

Each charm is a heartfelt tribute, adorned with vintage-inspired images that evoke memories of love, laughter, and tender moments shared.

Whether worn as a pendant or added to a bracelet, they serve as reminders of gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary love of a mother.

Let these charms be a touching gesture, honoring the legacy of love passed down through generations and celebrating the enduring strength of maternal bonds.

These are glass cabochon charms set into a stainless steel, Silver tone base.

Here at ILikeWorms, we make these charms in three different sizes.

  • Small (14mm)  -good size for Earrings
  • Medium (18mm) - good size for Bracelets
  • Large ( 25mm) - good size for Necklaces

These Charms are Unisex but recommended for Adults (13+)


These wonderful charms/pendants are great for making Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Bookmarks, Zipper pulls, Hat Pins, Lapel Pins, Magnets, Key Tags, Purse Danglers, Crafts and so much more... The possibilities are endless with these charms so let your creativity run wild! 

The glass Cabochon charms are NOT waterproof, so you must take them off for showering/bathing/swimming, or other activities where they may get wet. 

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